Finally, the government allows children to have an election to choose who becomes their mayor. This is a huge relief for Simi and her classmates, who want nothing more than to have a government made up of only children.

So the race kicks off with a manifesto writing competition.

Simi is intelligent, and everybody think she will win. This makes a boy called Gogo jealous. Gogo picks a fight with Simi, saying a girl cannot be mayor. The fight soon involves everyone in the class and splits the class into two: boys versus girls.

When the manifesto writing competition is over, Simi’s friend, Valerie, wins, and Simi is distraught. At home her dad makes her feel better with an inspiring story about her mum. This talk is all she needs to rally with thirteen of her other classmates to push Valerie through the election. In the process they face a dirty politician, Teme Koko, from Royal Dutch International School. Teme uses a villain called Michael Angel for his shady deals.

However, Simi comes up with a brilliant plan to help her party get the biggest votes. The plan is to visit the street urchins and ask for their support. By accident, Ona, Simi’s classmate, gives away their plan to Teme during a feisty encounter at Port Winkle Mall.

On the election day, Teme’s party leads until the street urchins show up. Just as the ballots are being counted, someone hijacks the ballot box. He tries to get away, but the police arrest him. Surprisingly, he is Michael Angel.

The electoral officers go on to count the votes, and Valerie wins!

In the coming days, Simi and her classmates will have to meet to decide the role each person will play in the new government.